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Kiev Theatres and Concert Halls

Taras Shevchenko National Opera of Ukraine
50, Volodymyrska St., tel.: 224-7165 A leading Ukrainian opera house, home of the country's most famous opera and ballet company.

Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theatre
3 I. Franka Square, tel.: 229-5991 A noted drama theatre in Ukraine. The theatre hosts a classical repertoire as well as music performances.

House of Organ and Chamber Music
77 Chervonoarmiyska St., tel.: 269-5678 Housed in a beautiful turn-of-the-century pseudo-gothic Cathedral, it is known for wonderful classical music performances.

Lesya Ukrainka Russian Drama Theatre
5 B. Khmelnitskoho St., tel.: 224-4223 Major Kiev Russian theatre, established late in the last century. It has rich traditions and is often referred to as the "theatre of the human soul."

Drama and Comedy Theatre on the Left Bank
25 Brovarska Ave., tel.: 517-1955 Specialises in the work of dramatic Ukrainian and foreign playwrights. Performances range from comedy to drama. Commonly known as Kiev's number one experimental scene.

Musical Comedy
53/3 Chervonoarmiyska St., tel.: 227-2630 Its repertoire features classical selections and some new musicals.

Theatre on Podil Hostiniy Dvir
tel.: 416-6251 Retains the Renaissance tradition of the romantic theatre. An original formalistic approach is peculiar to its productions of both modern and classical playwrights.

Kiev Young Theatre
17 Prorizna St., tel.: 224-6251 Explores new performance styles and features productions of classical playwrights, commenting on how the recent vision correlates with historical experience.

Theatre "Modern" ("Suzirya")
14 Yaroslaviv Val, tel.: 212-4188 Kiev's first interactive theatre. Actors perform the classics of Ukrainian literature as well as stage performances of modern political pieces like the works of Vatslav Havel.

Cafe-Theatre "Koleso"
8 Andriyivskiy Uzviz, tel.: 416-0527 A repertoire of comedies and tragedies. Performances are held in the cafe with audience participation. The theatre shows Vechornytsi - humorous, folklore-based music programmes.

Theatre "Actor"
40 Velyka Zhytomyrska, tel.: 219-1012 It displays a profound desire to comprehend contemporary problems within their philosophical context. Actor individuality is the theatre's top priority.

Bravo Theatre
79 Honchara St., tel.: 216-4022 The first private theatre in Kiev. The best actors in the country vie for the opportunity to appear on its stage.

Puppet-on-Strings Theatre
29/3 Sahaydachnogo St., tel.: 417-3058, 416-5858 Productions of this puppet theatre are based on native and world folklore and are characterised by any original interpretation of traditional stories.

Philharmonic Society
2 Volodymyrskiy Uzviz, tel.: 229-6251 The city's oldest concert organization features music by classical and modern composers of chamber, instrumental and choir music.

Kiev State Conservatory
1/3 Horodetskoho St., tel.: 229-0792 The repertoire features classical selections performed by professors and students of the National Music Academy.

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