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St. Andrew's Church

In the year 1744 the Russian Empress Elizabeth was visiting the home-land of her favorite Alexey Rozumovsky and decided to build her summer residence here. She herself laid the first symbolic brick of the new palace and church. A famous Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelly supervised the construction. Now the church-museum catches the eye of the visitors straight away. Its beauty and the aura of history make the place a must for visitors.
Admission fee - from UAH 10.

Kiev-Pecherska Lavra

The Cave Monastery was built almost eight centuries ago. First mentioned in the Tale of Bygone Years for the year 1051.
Near Caves, so-called because of their proximity to the Dormition Cathedral. The caves measure 228 m in length, with a depth of 5-20 m. The caves were first used to house monks and later as burial places. The unique geological structure of the soil and constant temperature resulted in the natural mummification of some of the interred remains. There are 75 burial niches in the caves, including the remains of saints and political leaders. In the Near Caves three crypt churches have been preserved.
Far Caves. measure 280 m in length and are 5-20 m deep. They contain 45 burial niches and three churches.
Besides these monuments, the Cave Monastery contains many examples of civil architecture of the 18th-20th centuries and fortification structures from 1698 - 1701.
To enter the caves you will have to buy a candle (UAH 0,5), museum admission fees are from UAH 5,00.

Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life

The open-air museum is set on 150 hectares of picturesque terrain on the southwestern outskirts of Kyiv. It has over 200 structures moved here from various regions of Ukraine or reconstructed on the spot. The museum has some 40,000 ethnographic exhibits, including folk costumes, fabrics, embroidery, carpets, ceramics, articles of metal, wood, glassware, musical instruments, paintings, tools, household articles and the like. These objects are exhibited both inside the cottages and other farm buildings and in the permanent exhibition halls.
The museum organizes craft days three or four times from May to November, when visitors can see blacksmiths, potters, coopers, weavers, carpet makers and other craftsmen at work. On Sundays, choirs and folk musicians stage concerts of Ukrainian music. Enjoy your time - you can ride a horse here (US$ 10 per hour) and also have real Ukrainian borsch in a local restaurant.
A unique place, which makes you feel as if you were living in the 18-19th centuries!
Admission fee - UAH 3,00.

Golden Gate

This fortified wall, defining the limits of the city and serving as a protective barrier from invaders in centuries past, dates back to 1037, the reign of prince Yaroslav the Wise. When Mongol Tatars tried to break through the gates, they did not manage and moved on to search another way to invade the city. The place was restored to its present condition in 1983, and it now serves as the Golden Gate Historical museum. The structure is located in downtown Kiev, just outsite the Zoloti Vorota metro station.

St Sophia's Cathedral

Was built in the first half of the 11th century to commemorate the victory over the Pecheneg tribe. Here you will see portraits painted by unknown painters of the past, will be able to read frescoes on the walls (the 11th century) - people's requests to God, great mosaics (some of them were so unique, that they were stolen by Nazis during the Second world war and are preserved in German museums now). The cathedral preserves a sarcophagus with the remains of Prince Volodymyr. St Sophia is rightfully considered as the treasure of Ukraine and is protected by UNESCO.
Admission fee - from UAH 15.

National Opera House

Is situated at the crossing of Khmelnyts'koho and Volodymyrs'ka streets. The beautiful exterior of the building is supported by the impressive majestic interior design. The Opera staff does all their best to satisfy the most demanding spectators. See the ballet "Spartacus" with more than 80 ballet-dancers or the opera "The Fair in Sorotchintsy" - about 100 singers and 40 musicians leave great memories - you will be impressed by the creativity of Ukrainians. The Ukrainian "Scheherezade" ballet is considered to be one of the best in Europe.
Order the tickets from us - purchase including delivery - from US$ 7.

Andriyvsky Uzviz

There are some special places in every city that make it distinct from the others. Andriyivs'kiy Uzviz is an integral part of the Old Kiev Preserve; once it was the shortest way to connect the princely Upper Town with commercial Podil. Now it is the Kievites' favorite place for outdoor fairs, festivals and concerts. Travellers come here to visit art-galleries, shops and studios. Only here wiil you see a great selection of innumerable souvenirs, antiques and paintings! Be sure - you will leave this place with many pleasant impressions and nice gifts.

Khreshatik St.

Once upon a time this place (now the city's main avenue) was a woody valley with a brook on the bottom. The valley was called "Kreschata" (Crossed) and it was crossed with ravines and paths leading from the Upper Town to Pechersk. Now it is a street of restaurants, cafes, shops, etc. Many Kievites and travellers gather here both on cold winter days and hot summer nights to socialize, meet friends, have a rest and enjoy their evenings and week ends. On weekends and holidays this wide avenue with chestnut-trees on the left side is closed to transport - very often you can see your friends and acquaintances among this huge colorful crowd, singing karaoke, listening to musicians and gazing at clowns.

Independence Square

The reconstruction works finished in 2002 on the square profoundly changed the city's image. During the reconstruction the Lyads'ky Gate was found right on the spot. It was the same gate which was assaulted by Batu Khan in the 13th century, having lost any hope to force his way through the Golden Gate. He managed to destroy the Gate enough to allow his numerous troops to break into the city. You will see the gate as a backdrop to fountains, which gather people around. If you have a chance, visit the underground entertainment center "Globus" right under the square, where you will be able to have a rest from the noisy and crowded street. - Pictures of Kiev

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