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Information about Alushta, Crimea, Ukraine

Old Greek name of Alushta is Aluston, and as many another Crimean towns it is pretty old. It is still not a big town, located only 45 kilometres from Simferopol toward to Yalta. Alushta is popular resort area for Russian and Ukrainian middle-class people because the prices are less compared with Yalta, and whole area of Great Yalta.

Lanscape is different from Yalta's - no high trees, no high rocks and mountains. The great decoration of Alushta is Demerdgy Mountain which is visible from any point of the town. Demerdgy is really nice
place for hiking or horse-riding. There are several private companies run by Tatar where you can rent a horse to ride with. If you'll horse-ride you will certanly get to ruins of a fortress "Funa" built in XV century.

There is amazing landscape with great rocks and forest near Demerdgy. There are many sanatoriums in Alushta and each one has own piece of beach. It is why sometime could be difficult to find a beach if you don't stay at a sanatorium.

There is a long-long promenade along the sea shore and it is covered by many cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops.

There is a crowd of people and a lot of activity in Summer time till the middle of October.

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